The Genezen project has been gaining speed of late and there is quite a following to it. What’s all the fuss? Well, it’s about marijuana and making it legal. You wouldn’t think such a drug would be likely to become legal any time soon and yet it is slowly going on the horizon! It’s strange to say because marijuana is the world’s most abused drug and it causes a lot of problems too and yet there are thousands who actually want to see this made legal. Is it possible for marijuana to become legal one day and what are the physical and pharmacological effects of it?

Understanding the Pharmacological Effects

Pharmacological or medical marijuana is going to put a big strain on the medical world. Yes, you wouldn’t think it would be so hard to produce the drug but that isn’t the issue; it’s about regulating it in such a way that is safe to those who abuse it currently and who will in the future. Marijuana is something that millions around the world use and it’s a major problem, to say the least. The effects from it can be devastating and there’s no sign it’s going away anytime soon. People want to see this made legal but it’s not really suitable to be legalize. Now, of course, there are people who use it for medical purposes and don’t get addicted but again, there are many millions who do.

The Physical Effects

Firstly it has been reported people get high which means they are not of sound mind. Someone can be totally normal one minute and change their actions in the next—they can become violent, very abusive physically and verbally and maybe even hallucinate. The physical effects of marijuana can vary considerably and since everyone reacts differently to drugs, the effects can be truly unknown. Marijuana Modesto (Stanislaus County), there is a big push for legalization but it is of course met by strong opposition. There are many who are worried about the effect the drug will have on their system and indeed their loved ones.For more details read here

Should It Be Made Legal?

No! Marijuana is still a dangerous drug at the end of the day and while it may help relief pain in some, it isn’t going to be always effective. What’s more, people use the drug not for medical purposes and it is affecting their system in a major way. Do people really mouth off to police when they’ve been told to stop walking in front of moving vehicles? Of course, they don’t but if someone is under the influence of the drug, they can do crazy and very un-like-them things. That is one major reason why marijuana Stanislaus County is so opposed. There are people who want it legalized but it doesn’t look as though for the seeable future it will be.

Drugs Have Major Impacts on Life

While you might have every intention of using the drug marijuana to help with a constant pain, it might not end there. Let’s say you were recovering from an injury and you used drugs, what happens when the injury is fully recovered and the pain is gone? Your body has gotten used to the drug and even though you don’t need it anymore, you crave it. Once you start, it’s hard to stop and that’s an effect of marijuana. It’s dangerous and medical marijuana isn’t always such a great idea. Continue Reading..…

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